Review: The Royal Wedding 2018

Hi Guys!!! I’m so excited to have you read this because it has been so long since I put out any content. I know I owe you guys a review *coughs Met gala, coughs*, but don’t worry it’s coming real soon. I have been super busy and there have been so many exciting things happening in my life and I’m honestly just trying to take it easy and at a time. Enough about me, let’s get to the royal wedding!!!! So Harry and Meghan finally got married and my heart couldn’t take any of the precious moments from the ceremony! Their wedding was a historic moment and everything that happened was a testament to that fact. Of course, my fashion-loving self was super excited to see the guests turn up and show out in their closets best! I was excited to see the array of fascinators and hats donned by princess, duchesses and guests of the royals, and I was not disappointed. I was also excited to see Meghan’s wedding gown but prior to seeing it, I had a strong feeling that it was going to be very simple and boring (also disappointing) and alas, I was not wrong. Let’s get talking!!!

Queen Elizabeth II

Who other to start with than her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II? The queen rolled up in this brightly colored outfit, looking all fresh and lively. Her majesty is known for wearing pastel colors and occasionally throwing in bright colors once in a while so this didn’t come as a surprise. Her hat is adorned with purple feathers which gives a contrast to the lime green-ness of the outfit. She paired her look with a black bag and shoes to match & of course, her one-string pearl necklace and signature white gloves. God save the queen!

Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty was a sight to behold in that impeccable green floral gown by Dolce & Gabbana. She looked very classy and chic in that dress which gives off major spring vibes. The cut off the neckline is so different and in a very good way. The orange heels worn beneath are also a major win. The contrast is as shocking as it is pleasant. I love how neat her fascinator looks on her perfectly coiffed hair. She accessorized this looks with a simple, sparkly necklace and stud diamond earrings. So fabulous!

Gina Torres

Ms Gina came through serving some major summer fashions!!! I love the how simple yet elegant she looks in this flowery red dress. Her make-up also adds to this slay and her posture in that photo is particularly iconic! I love how her hat, her bag & her shoes are the same color, serving nude realness honeyyy!!!

George and Amal Clooney

I am a huge sucker for brightly colored outfits and that is why I can say Amal looks absolutely beautiful in this mustard colored dress. She actually looks like the sun standing next to George, who by the way grey doesn’t look good on. Her fascinator is one of my top fave at this wedding and I love her gold metallic pumps. She definitely did redeem herself with this look after falling flat at the recently held Met gala. Well done Amal.

David and Victoria Beckham

There are men and then there is David Beckham! Lord have mercy!! This man is aging like fine wine yknow. A lot of people on Twitter conferred the title of “Ebuka” on him when he showed up in this three-piece suit looking very dapper. He definitely was amongst the best dressed men if not the only best dressed man. Meanwhile, Victoria my love, I pray that whatever burdens you, God will give you rest and joy. Just look at that scowl on her face. At William and Kate’s wedding, it was the same situation except she was pregnant at the time so I felt it probably was a mood thing. However it’s 2018 and Victoria isn’t still smiling so who knows, it might be a personal thing that only Jesus can solve. Nonetheless she looks super chic in that suit. I love the slit on the arms which some people find a bit dramatic. Where’s the fun in a royal wedding if there’s no drama? And I am living for the burst of color she went for with those shoes!! A power couple who come to slay, we Stan!

Princess Eugenie

I wasn’t very excited to see this outfit on her highness. She and her sister were actually on everyone’s list of guests who would snatch everyone’s wigs with their hats. And then we saw this on our screens and it was just disappointing. Even the dress is very disappointing. This look would be so perfect for a courtesy visit to the maternity ward of a hospital, not the royal wedding. Bye

Princess Beatrice

At least someone decided that if her hat won’t make a statement, her dress would. Princess Beatrice (Princess Eugenie’s sister) cane through (a little) in this blue gown with puffed sleeves. She and her sister are known for having the most unique hats but I guess they decided to tone it down drastically this year. Either that or someone *eyeing Queen E* told them to do so. At least her gown made up for the lack of statement her hat was supposed to provide so I guess she can have a pass.

Abigail Spencer and Priyanka Chopra

Now these ladies came out with a vengeance. There’s a video of them walking in and it is straight firee!!! Abigail looks very eccentric in that polka dot dress with her floral fascinator. I love how the sleeves ends and the collar are both white, giving this look a pin-up edge. Priyanka on the other hand, decided to come through in a pastel colored Vivian Westhood outfit with a matching fascinator from Philip Treacly. She served both outfit and make-up and honestly, it’s a win! Priyanka is winning!!! Her make up was so good! Here’s a photo just because I stan.

Makeup by Pati Dubroff

The colors of her eyeshadow and lipstick complemented her look so well. She could have easily passed for a royal guest.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams got an invite to the royal wedding, and she decided to come in braids. Long waist length corn crow braids. What a time to be alive! She looks so stunning in this pink Atelier Versace dress, I can’t even! Her husband looks like he’s standing next to the best thing that has happened to him. You can tell he is so proud of her by his facial expression. She accessorized with a statement gold necklace and stud earrings. The fact that she wore a fascinator with the corn crows just makes me happy idkw and shoes are so classy too! I’m loving every bit of it!

Yeap! She gets another pic
Oprah Winfrey

I’m getting all sorts of Church-mother-but-rich-af vibes with this outfit. Oprah looks so good and that color really suits her. I love the lace trimmings of the dress and how well it complements her figure. Am I the only one who is really digging Oprah’s hat? Like that is a proper hat!! I’m shook. I love her shoes also, can’t decide if they are mules tho. She just screams money, class, taste. Yass Oprah!

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre

Don’t you just love how this couple look so good together? They complement each other so well. Sabrina looks chic in this piece by Gucci. The outfit is a bit boring save for the Gucci trademark bands as trimmings but she manages to look okay. I love her fascinator but I think it was not right for the look. It is too wide, if she had on something smaller it may have been okay. The matching shoes and bag are totally awesome. Idris looks amazing, as always. Nothing else to talk about cos it’s just a normal suit. But I saw a picture of the texture of his suit and it looked very good.

Charles and Karen Spencer (9th Earl Spencer & Countess Spencer)

I was very glad to see this couple because they seemed to be the only couple in the older generation, that dressed up real nice. Karen looks every bit of the royalty that she is in that purple outfit. Not too long, that dress shows off her toned legs without being revealing. The cape like design at the top of the outfit is major goals! Her fascinator is also giving me life in double doses. Charles also looks very nice in his three-piece too. They seem like a fashion loving couple.

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle
Harry and Meghan

Meghan wore a Givenchy gown and Queen Mary’s tiara which Queen Elizabeth borrowed her. Her jewelry was from Cartier and her shoes were also from Givenchy. I vividly remember telling everyone that cared to listen that Meghan might not pull through with her wedding gown. I think I even tweeted it. And I was hella disappointed but not surprised when I saw her gown. Now, some people love this gown very much and everything about it, that is absolutely fine. This is my personal view about the gown and it’s okay if you don’t feel that way. So apparently, this Givenchy gown was considered a “secret” as details of the dress and design were shared exclusively to only few people and I’m wondering, what’s so special that was kept a secret? Someone said maybe the better part of the gown tore so they had to make some last minute changes. As custom, Queen Elizabeth also had to give her approval for the dress before Meghan could wear it. This dress can’t even pass for a bridesmaid’s dress here in Nigeria. It can’t even pass for reception gown. Where are the embellishments? Where is the embroidery? Where are the details? Honey, where is the lace? This wedding can actually take the place of most underwhelming wedding dress ever! And to think it was a royal wedding, that just makes more ridiculous. This gown was disappointing, everyone started talking about the veil. Do you know how bad your wedding gown has to be for people to focus on your veil? The veil apparently has it’s own drama. According to the Kensington Palace, Meghan expressed the wish of having all 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony so 53 flowers from all the 53 countries where embroidered on the veil. *eye roll* That one is her business.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the royal wedding? Who was your favorite wedding guest? Feel free to share in the comment section, I’d love to know. Love always❤️

Happy married life, your highnesses

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  1. AaronAhalu says:

    Always with the best reviews!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Aaron, y’all motivate me🙏🏽❤️


  2. Trhymesz says:

    My best dressed goes to David Beckham fi sure!!!…and best couple outfit is definitely Charles & Karen Spencer, Idris Elba be pulling that official man type suit, I might have dissed him if not for his partner’s outfit which isn’t that bad, a major mix of classy and tready fashion! Your opinion about princess Eugenie and her sister tho!!! Lmao..overall nice review bro..Weldone


    1. Thank you very much!!! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it


  3. Imade Tweets says:

    I love love Gina Torres’s outfit. When I first saw her ydai, I was wowed at the matching nude and that dress. She’s a box of chocolate to demolish in a second..
    David and Victoria Beckham came to slay, no doubt. Charles and Karen Spencer are definitely at the top of the slaying list.
    OK so about Meghan’s dress… Wheeeeew, bwoi it was all shades of ugly. The tiara was perfect and I think also that the veil was too dramatic especially because people had to focus on it based on the fact that the dress had zero or nothing for people to talk about. Damn!! That dress was all shades of wrong.
    I waited for TheRevieeBoy’s review on this and I’m glad it came out just right!!! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is legit the best comment of this post!!! Haha, thank you Imade ❤️


  4. Deminator says:

    Nice work temi
    I def. Enjoyed reading this!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks Deminator, I’m glad you did


  5. Jordan Abiola says:

    We need to address the term “boring” because its one thing to grow and metamorph into a society where a gown’s superficiality is expected meanwhile class and prestige is termed as uncool.

    Great thoughts to the article btw. Gets better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As insightful as always, thank you Jordan


  6. Oyinlola Davies says:

    I thought I was the only one unimpressed with Megha’s look at least a little bead or stone work would have made a difference. Even Pricess Kate who never had a red carpet experience before meeting the prince, had a better wedding gown, which looked more mordenized and elegant.
    For heaven sake she was an actress with red carpet experience.
    I honestly wasn’t really crazy about Serena Williams’s dress sha. Best dressed is Victoria and Prinyanka


    1. I share your sentiments exactly. An actress with red carpet knowledge ought to know better when choosing a dress for her wedding, a Royal one at that


  7. Imade Tweets says:

    I came back to read the article again and frankly, Lol, I’m not done hating that dress. Need I add that Priyanka Chopra is a woman of prestige any day and anytime.

    Peace!! ✌


    1. I love you!!!😂❤️


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