Review: Five of my fave looks from Denola Grey

Hey guys!!! It’s been a long time since I posted anything and I’m truly sorry about that. Lately I’ve been going through some stuff and other stuff that has to do with creating content. Anyways, the spell was broken a few days ago, when I was on everyone’s favorite app, Instagram and I came across one of Denola Grey’s post where he looked absolutely dapper! If you don’t know Denola Grey, I don’t think this post is for you *straight face*. Lol, so I decided to go over to his page and fam, I got my whole life. Now Denola is a fashionista to the core and you won’t catch him slipping at anytime but there were some looks where he totally, consciously or not, delivered extra sauce! He always delivers and serves it as hot as possible and that’s why he is one of fashion’s sweethearts. It’s so hard not to be envious of his style you know. I decided to pick some of my favorite looks from his plethora of fashions servitude, and review them accordingly. So, let’s get talking.

1. A belted legend: Would this even be a Denola Grey post if I don’t include the epic belted suit look? Denola set a trend in the fashion scene, with this look. I remember how almost everyone at the 2015 Lagos fashion and design week, showed up rocking the belted suit look. Sadly, I wish it suited them as well as it did Denola. This look is very simple to pull off, yet complicated. I consider it corporate high fashion. Now before you try pulling this off with the suit jackets in your closet, you have to be sure if this look suits you and your body frame. Next is the choice of suit and colors you would be working, it is very easy for most people to combine colors that actually don’t work and then swear it works, no. Don’t be that guy. Find the appropriate colors and then have the right accessories to match. The color choice of belts to be used for this look, should be determined by the jacket worn. As seen in the pictures above, Denola perfectly executed each look with finesse, using colors to his advantage. His accessorization is also complimentary to the look so know that whatever you add to this look, has to match.

2. When I say ayee, One Color: I am such a huge fan of this look personally because I am a sucker for monochrome outfits. Denola is absolutely stunning in this turquoise silk shirt and pants, which is a wonder because silk is really a no-go area for most people. I daresay, this is a case for the FBI. For monochrome outfits, color choice is a very important factor! You don’t want to look like a joke by wearing the wrong colors head to toe, do you? Knowing the colors that work for your complexion and your body is very important. Obviously, Denola knows that turquoise is a flattering hue on him so therefore, issa go. Look how he takes this outfit up a notch with his choice of accessories, it is complete with his choice of shoes & necktie. If there’s one thing I’ll say, it’s that Denola knows how to twist and make the most basic looks, become as trendy as possible. Most people would pair this up with black or brown shoes and think they’ve killed it but it hasn’t been killed. at all. The leopard print shoes and necktie give this look that extra oomph needed to make it hot.

3. A semi- casj ish: Have you ever thought about taking a suit in your wardrobe & wearing it in a really cool and casual way? Denola’s look here provides you with a creative solution. This semi casual look is very chic and easy to pull off and while you may think it’s not much, it actually does a lot to tell people about your mood. This look is absolutely perfect for semi-formal events, where you want to be cool and laid-back but classy and cosmopolitan at the same time. Here, Denola pairs his suit with a sleeveless top worn inside which gives it the casual feel needed. Most people would opt for a t-shirt or a v-neck shirt, and as long as it works for you, have a go at it. Of course, accessories come to play, with his long metal necklace and his choice of shoes which are absolutely perfect for the look. Imagine he wore a monkstrap on this? Or a pair of black brogues, would it kick as much as it does now? This goes to say that every item we put on adds or subtracts to/from our slay, take it or leave it.

4. For the love of Paris: This look was from his most recent blog post, titled “This existential crisis of mine”. I absolutely love everything about this look. It has a Parisian feel to it and maybe that’s because of the beret and the necktie (I’m obsessed with neckties at this point). I had a little discussion with my friends over this look when the images came out and while most loved everything about it, some felt the trench coat was quite dramatic. Now, the only reason I couldn’t wear a treanch coat if I’m rocking this, is because I’m yet to get into an air-conditioned environment. There is absolutely nothing wrong in sporting a trench coat over your formal or informal looks and if you think it’s dramatic, well a little drama never hurt anyone. Another striking item is the embellished beret. The beret trend has been on for a while now with a lot of notable celebrities including Wizkid & Kiss Daniel, rocking the trend. However Denola’s embellished beret takes it to a whole new level telling the other berets, sit down.

5. One thousand, five hundred: Serving classic Yoruba demon vibes, I live!!! This is the ultimate Owambe guest slay & even if you aren’t Yoruba by tribe, it’s definitely a look anyone can pull off. You can’t go wrong in a classic white agbada! You just can’t. And Denola totally understands this so I’m sure on putting this on, he expected nothing but the best and he got it. Apart from just the agbada, there are other factors, in typical Denola fashion, that make this look bang. Guys, a classic red bead necklace would totally go a long way in vamping your Owambe guest status, taking you from regular to VIP real quick. And can we get into those shoes Denola has on real quick?! SCREAMING. Those shoes are the shoes you put on and get unlimited small chops supply to your table through out the party. When you wear those shoes, know this; you are walking in power, you are walking in miracles, you are living a life of favor! Amen? Lol. But yeah, those shoes make a serious statement and go a long way in vamping things up.

So that’s it folks, do you have some personal favorite looks of Denola? Please feel free to let me know in the comments so we can discuss more. I hope you enjoyed reading and shared my excitement and thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment, you know I live off reading them. Love always ❤️


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  1. Trhymesz says:

    My best look is def the trench coat and beret combination..though like you I fear I might suffocate to death if I’m wearing all that with the necktie in an environment with no air conditioning..the beret is just glorious!! But cult boys in Yaba won’t let mans rock his beret in peace…I’m going to save this look till I move to banana island and I have my AMG bought. Lol!


    1. Lol, that is the only reason why mans hasn’t rocked the beret look yet. Like you said, when we move to Banana island, in our AMGs, we would rock it


  2. The fact that the agbada has tassels hanging from different angles Is just life itself … that agbada gave me a clean shave on my edges 🙌🏾


    1. Lol, that agbada is directly from the lineage of Ebuka’s famed agbada. The tassels make it super classy, going from normal to exquisite.


  3. tadefabstyle says:

    i love his agbada damn such a Yoruba demon😍😍😋


    1. I tell you!! He seriously served


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