Review: Red carpet looks from The 2018 Oscar awards.

Hey people! First, I’d really like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for the love and support so far. Reading and replying your comments are the highlights of my day each time I have to do so, and I really appreciate you all! I asked if I should do a red carpet review for the recently held Academy awards and majority said yes, so I hope you’re ready to roll with me. The 90th Academy Awards ceremony (aka Oscars) took place on the 4th of March, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. ALL our favorite Hollywood celebrities came out styled in designer outfits, as always, looking their very best, to grace the occasion. Here are some of my favorites looks and of course, some who should have tried attending another award show with the nonsense they had on.

Jennifer Lawrence

Now Jennifer Lawrence has never been that great on the red carpet. For me, one of the major highlights of her red carpet history is when she wore that lovely baby pink Dior gown at the 2015 Oscars where she fell. I’m sure there are other moments where she held her own but for this award show, It’s a no. It’s sad because her makeup and hair totally complement the look but unfortunately, the dress isn’t living up to it’s hype. It looks like what she should have won to the Vanity fair after party. Wearing this as the main award outfit was very underwhelming. Disappointed, but not surprised.

Margot Robbie

She is absolutely gracious in this Chanel gown. She looks like the maiden daughter of a Greek billionaire who comes to these Hollywood events to ki-ki with her celebrity friends and talk about how her father wants her to take over the family business. This dress however, is major!! The jewelry on at the top of the bustier is the major item that kills this fit. I love how she let the dress do all the talking, keeping it simple with the hair, makeup and accessories. But I see that purse though sis…

Allison Janney

I love this woman so much, she’s super hilarious on screen. However, hilarious is the opposite of this outfit. Now there’s nothing wrong with the gown, it’s nice but the style isn’t new. It reigned back then so it has had it’s moments. I can’t remember celebrities who have rocked it, neither can I remember designers who made gowns in this same style, but, I know it has been around. I don’t think you are to come on the red carpet for an event of this magnitude in an already-seen-and-all-over-the-place style. And the color doesn’t exactly help matters. By the way, am I the only one that thinks her clutch is so out of place? It just looks odd. Her hair and makeup is super cute though, and I love her necklace, it’s so elegant.

Timothy Chalamet

Sir, you are rocking the hell out of this all white ensemble!! Yass confirmation Sunday outfit, pull through!! lol. Seriously though this look is very well put together. I love the fact that he wore black shoes cos I feel like if he had worn white shoes instead, that would throw off the whole vibe going on. I applaud his stylist for an amazing job.

Jane Fonda

I love this woman!!! Every once in a while when she gets the chance, she comes on the red carpet to drag everyone by their two front teeth and then leaves like nothing happened. This custom Balmain dress is as simple yet as elegant as the wearer. Jane Fonda knows what works for her body (she’s 80 by the way guys) and she doesn’t step out of her zone and that is okay. Although, I can’t help but notice that awkward my-hand-is-supposed-to-be-on-the-hip-but-here-we-are thing on going. Was the dress not tailored properly? Mummy Jane, please let us know if it was the dress so we can sanction Olivier. Anyone who knows Jane Fonda knows how well her signature hair-do suits her perfectly and in this case, there is no difference. I’m not feeling the makeup though. It is void of color, and she looks nauseated and tired as a result of that.

Gina Rodriguez

Oh burst out and laugh of daughter of Zion! When you know you have slayed and snatched wigs, this is how you laugh on the red carpet!!! Everything here, issa goal! That Zuhair Murad gown is so interesting to look at, and the way it complements her skin is totally amazing! I love how she accessorized, keeping it super simple and cute. She looks divine and fierce yet sweet and angelic. And at the same time, yeap!

Maya Rudolph

This look is really hilarious to be honest. What in heaven’s name is she wearing? I laughed so hard when I saw this look, I began to cry. It looks like a onesie adults are given to put on when entering Santa’s workshop at the north pole. Worse, she looks like one of the Teletubbies!! I am in stitches yo! Then again, she’s a comedienne so maybe she did this on purpose. Yes that has to be the case, if not she should fire her stylist, brand management and everyone around her! Right after waving the viewers bye bye in pure Teletubbies fashion. LMAO!!!

Saoirse Ronan

This Saoirse lady isn’t a red carpet darling per say, but she is definitely standing her ground with this blush pink Calvin Klein gown. Over-sized bows is one of my favorite red carpet trends and here, it makes her dress look super cute and dainty. I love love love the way the color of her shoes match her gown and I think her accessorization is simple but boring. Also that hairstyle… really sis? You really wanna look like an Olsen witch that badly?


Sandra Bullock

Did she take a break from award shows and acting in general? It feels like a long time since I’ve seen her in movies or on the red carpet. Anyways, she looks good in this black and gold number from Louis Vuitton but that’s about it. I’m not impressed at all with this gown. It is similar to the gown Lupita Nyong’o also wore to this same award show, in terms of color. However, looking at the dress Lupita wore and this, I can’t help but compare and my verdict, WAKANDA FOREVER.


Nicole Kidman

It took three days for my scalp to stop hurting because of the ferocious way my edges were snatched. Nicole did not come to play with these hoes!!! She actually came to slay and remind us why she is freaking Nicole Kidman!!! In my review of the SAG awards (click here), she was on my worst dressed list and it just seems as if she read it and decided to come back with a vengeance in this blue Armani Prive dress. This dress is faaayaaaaa!!! The poise with which she wears this gown is sickening! I’m here for it with two rows of chairs and a hand fan to revive myself cos honey I am snatched and shooked! I saw a meme of a scene from The devil wears Prada, where Miranda disapproved of a designer’s piece that looks very similar to this piece, and to be honest I think people are just trying it. No matter what anyone says, Nicole came through with this dress, end of story!!!

Sally Hawkins

Oh dear dear dear. What in the name of fashion and all its mysteries have you got on Sally dear? Everything about this gown is so off to me. The color is boring, the style is extremely boring, even the addition of embellishments at the bottom of the gown isn’t helping matters at all. It actually looks like an after thought; “oh wow, we’ve made a really boring gown and we can’t throw it away. Lets add some dazzle to the bottom to spice things up” and even that failed. I’m sorry this gown is not it at all. Her body language in this dress adds to the fact that it wasn’t the best. Sad stuff

Emma Stone

This is such a disastrous look to the Academy awards, I can’t believe it! Emma? Really?? Everything that can go wrong with an outfit, went wrong with this one. First of all, the colors are just ew-ish. There’s really no point of spiraling down a color wheel because you want to your look to pop (except color blocking is your mission) but here, Emma thinks that a wine silk suit jacket with a fuchsia belt on black pants (also silk), is a totally good idea. HOW???WHY??? In actual wonderment, why is the total outfit even in silk? Ladies rock pant and suits all the time and they kill it but in this case, it killed Emma. And she had to wear pumps after all that has happened? Strappy heeled sandals would have salvaged this a little bit, but alas… we are stuck with that, An absolute-straight-up mess!

Whoopi Goldberg

Let me tell you what I see; she is one of the fairy godmothers of Wakanda and a history custodian too. She was on her way to the international fairy godmothers summit and she decided to stop by the Oscars, snatch everyone’s breath with her awesomeness and voila! she did!! I love Whoopi Goldberg so much, and I love her even more because of this gown. Peep her sunglasses telling you “hey! I’m Whoopi and I’m too cool for you!” lol! I wish I could see her shoes though, because she has the most interesting and unconventional pairs of shoes and I’m quite sure she would have had a pair on, beneath her beautiful floral gown.

Haley Benneth

I tried and tried to love this gown, I really did. But the truth can’t be denied. This gown is hideous!! I actually shed tears for her because she’s such a pretty lady (especially when she changes that horrid excuse of a hairstyle she’s got on) and she’s wearing something as ridiculous as this. This dress looks as if someone took recently peeled off carpet grass, and draped it on what was a simple but promising black gown. In simple words, she is using grass as wrapper. Or, maybe they made this dress for the female soldiers you know, as part of their camouflage collection so they can step into the bush with style. I will purposely ignore her head and move to the neckline of the dress which extends to her throat area, what exactly was the motive with that and why didn’t they let that design fly? That is why I said earlier that the dress was promising but the grass just scattered everything. Tragic.


Salma Hayek

I was super shocked to see Salma Hayek on the list of worst dressed celebs at the Oscars!! Like are you kidding me? She looks like a freaking Greek goddess of power and wealth!! I love everything about this look, from her hair, makeup, jewelry, down to the last sequin on the hem of her gown! This Grecian look, is timeless and Salma killedt it. The jewelry piece draped on her shoulder literally puts the icing on the cake for this look. I t looks like one of those jewelry pieces that has its own bodyguard. Her hair gives this look that ancient Greece feel and her makeup is perfect. Salma sweetie, you did amazing okay? Good.

Daniel Kaluuya

I really love when men break out from the conventional colors of suits, to be more daring and bold. Mr. Kaluuya here looks so dapper and sophisticated in this mixture of brown and black his outfit displays. And he knows his angles with the camera giving them slight shoulder, YES!!! Guys, he also wore Fenty beauty makeup to enhance the appearance of his skin and for that extra glow and I am here. for. it!!!

St. Vincent

My sister, I don’t know where you were going to with this outfit, neither do I know if they told you where you were going to, before you put this on. I just hope you reach your destination safely, inugo? God will be with you. I kuku don’t like what I hate.

Chadwick Boseman

Nah, I’m not feeling this look at all. This coat (or is it a suit jacket) he has got on gives me mixed feelings. I love the embroidery on it, but that’s just it. I’m not feeling it, and can someone help me explain what is going on with his hair? Hello?? Where is the hairstyle they crowned you king with in Wakanda? You left it there abi? Wakanda forever but this outfit for-never.

Taraji P Henson

You know at some point for me, it got really boring and expected with the sexy look Taraji was always bringing to the red carpets, but now this look is coming to say “you gon know what sexy looks like” and I truly, honestly now know. Taraji is smoking hot in this gown hunaayyyy!!! I am feeling every bit of it! The color choice is perfect, the fabric choice is perfect, the cut out and the sleeves are perfect and the attitude on the dress, 100!!!!! I am totally here for it in every way possible!

Lupita Nyong’o

Now do I even need to say how marvelous and stunning Lupita looks? The dress, her hair, her skin (oh my Jesus), her makeup, everything!!! Like its just so powerful lOoking at her on that red carpet. We all know Lupita doesn’t slack when it comes to killing it on the red carpet now, so no surprises here. The richness of her skin against the shine of the gold on the dress is actually heavenly. This Atelier Versace dress is doing so much justice, I cant! This is what she should have worn to the Wakandan coronation banquet. Trust me, T’challa would over freeze.

Viola Davis

Each time I see Viola Davis on the red carpet in bright colors, my heart literally warms up. There is just something about her skin guys, every color looks so good on her. It’s like magic. Look how chic and sexy she looks in this pink dress. It’s almost like this exact shade of pink was made just for her, and look at that smile y’all! Amazing!! Her hair, check! accessories, check!! makeup, check!!! Ladies and gentlemen I put it to you that Viola Davis can do no wrong as she has effortlessly slayed her red carpet looks, time after time after time. Yassss Ms. Davis, yasssssss!!!!! A legend through and through!



         Thank you so much for reading through, I hope you enjoyed it? What are your favorite looks and what are your worst? Please let me know in that comments section, I’m eager to read them. Hopefully, my next red carpet looks review would be from a Nigerian event. I think its time our celebs get a little love, don’t you think so? Lol, love always!


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  1. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I’ve never laughed so hard, on that note Whoopi said on “the view” that she was wearing some thigh high brown boots cause she said she can’t come to kill herself, she has to be comfortable 😹😹😹


    1. Haha!! Thank you for the info on Whoopi’s boots.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ma'am i says:

    You got me rolling on the floor😂😂😂😂 with Sally Hawkins & st Vincent…..
    Great job❤, you keep getting better every time👏 👏👏


    1. Lol, thank you so much!😂❤


  3. That is correct!
    I agree with everything, we have thesame mind abi spirit.
    But… I don’t know why. Lupita’s dressing is not doing my heart ghen ghen. I don’t know if it’s because the expectation is to high for me (that her Oscar 2014 dress is in my hall of fame). And also Viola Davis isn’t just doing it for me, I love the color, the satin purse… however I think the torso area looks a little cheap for some reason ( maybe it’s picture…or the two cup lines, because it looks better from far)


    1. That Oscar 2014 dress can never ever be topped! It was what catapulted her into the fashion scene. Lol, I really did overlook those cup lines, a terrible slight on the part of the designer.


  4. Also I forgot to add, the Salma Hayek’s own is kind of iffy for me. At first, I was like what the heck is this? But at 2nd glance, I was like the dress is really pretty. However, the body jewelry or whatever it is plays down the beauty of the dress and makes the outfit look cheap. I personally feel it would have been better, if she let the dress speak for itself . The neck thing reminds me of all those fake necklace/ belt I used to have on my clothes 🤦🏾‍♀️


    1. Haha!!! Its the jewelry that does it for me. I feel like that dress wouldn’t bang without it


  5. Imade Tweets says:

    But what in the name of God did sexy Salma Hayek wear? To say I’m embarrassed for her is to say the least!
    Whoopi? Naa, she doesn’t ever stand out 🤷


    1. I loved Salma Hayek’s dress😭 leave Whoopi alone oh😂


  6. Zaynab Balogun says:

    Jesus.. Amazingly hilarious is the word. Your reviews are getting better baby well done. You just had to kill me 😂😂😂 I meant st. Vincent, Sally and Maya.. And then Emma’s outfit killing her and not her killing it 😭😭😭😂😂😂. Hilarious stuff.. 👏👏👏👏


    1. Lol, thank you so much!!!❤


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