Review: Social media week

Hello guys! So I attended the 2018 edition of social media week and trust me when I say, it was a very fulfilling and fruitful experience. I was there for three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday I was there strictly for work purposes but Thursday and Friday, I was there for the classes I registered for. The whole experience was very insightful and one thing I was glad about, was that I got to meet a lot of people who I hadn’t seen in a long time, and people whom I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Social media week had lots of people in attendance so there is no way I wouldn’t have met them I guess and with that, let’s get into it…

So Social media week holds at Landmark center every year and this year was no different. Personally, I don’t think it can be done in any other space aside Landmark. People come out in throngs for SMW, vendors want spaces to sell their goods and investors and sponsors also want to showcase their services so there is always the promise of a large amount of people. On a side note, I found it pretty ironic that there was no single coffee vendor. It was really surprising. On Wednesday when I was there for work, our client- Loshes chocolate factory (made in Nigeria), sold hot chocolate and people kept asking if we had coffee. Anyways, they bought what we had and we made cash so Win! Win!! Lol. On Thursday, Bellanaija style had two very innovative sessions, the first being a one-on-one talk with the ever inspiring Lisa Folawiyo. It was aptly dubbed “Next level conversations” with Mazzi Odu (of Bella naija) as the moderator. The second class was tagged “Ideas, Influence and Income” and had notable members of the fashion and influencer industry, on the panel. That class was very exciting because the speakers shared a lot of information that was very helpful. After the class, I got hungry and luckily, there was a “sweet cravings” stand where ice cream and waffles were on sale. Trust me to indulge my sweet tooth with a plate of waffles and a scoop of white chocolate ice cream.

On Friday, I attended a session tagged “Design, Perception & Identity” and in that session, Rukky Ladoja (Grey) was the host. The panel included Veronica Odeka, Tokini Peterside, Latti Bamisedun & Tsemaye Binitie. They all spoke very soundly, and addressed issues that arose as part of the topic for the session. I also attended yet another class hosted by Fidelity bank tagged “The takeover: How millenials are changing the financial landscape”. I got carried out of the class by my friend James (Opara boy). At the end of the day, I attended the after-party organized by Fidelity bank and hosted by Chuey Chu. DJ Sose was on the wheels of steel and its safe to say I was able to bust a few shaku shaku moves myself. Red bull provided drinks, both alcoholic and non, while h’orderves ranging from puff puff, sausage rolls, mini pizzas and tiny burgers h’orderves served round by amazing waiters.

Here are some pictures I took at SMWLagos!!!

David and I at the Bella naija style photo booth.
I got to meet Fisayo Fosudo! I was so excited! And I asked where his phone was, much to his despair😂
Hi Thedelphinator!!! She’s so cute!
Yours truly
Iju, Anu, a friend of theirs and I #toocoolforyouabi
Kehinde Smith, Stephanie Coker, Taje Prest, Ozinna amongst others on the panel for Ideas, Influence and Income
Sweet cravings!
Veronica Odeka, Tsemaye Binitie, Latti Bamisedun, Tokini Peterside and Ronke Ladoja on the panel for Design, Perception and Identity
Body art by Michael ( @Michaelumoudit on IG)
Red bull (I’m not sure it gave us wings that night tho)
Party people
Iju said “okay now let’s smile” and we did

I hope you enjoyed my review. Where you at Social media week? Please do share some of your experiences and thoughts. By the way guys, who wants me to do a review of the Oscar awards red carpet looks? Let me know in the comments! Love always!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. We want an Oscar red carpet review 🙌🏾


    1. Hahaha!!! Its coming up soon😎


  2. Number One says:

    Now I wish I was at SMW 😭😭


    1. Aww, you have next year’s edition to look forward too 😊


  3. Maàmi says:

    Great as always; that body art sháá!👍😍
    Anxiously looking forward to the Oscar review.🎤


    1. Haha!!! Its gonna be juicy!


  4. Imade Tweets says:

    Nice. Sure looks like you had a lot of fun.
    And that girl with the cap is cute.


    1. Yeap! I actually told her that


  5. Errrm SMWLagos was random AF! At a point, I thought it was a Unilag something. Your review be making it appear more fun than it did.
    PS: I attended only on Friday which was the last day of the event & I was experiencing a work-burnout at that moment, my judgement may be based on the aforementioned deficiency. 🤷🏽‍♂️


    1. Lol, I was able to find fun in the experience


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