Review: The worst red carpet looks from the SAG awards 2018.

The 24th annual Screen actors guild awards (SAG) recently took place on Sunday, 21st January and Hollywood celebrities came out in their best outfits, styled by ambitious stylists and designers alike, to grace the occasion. As always, we had a few outfits that were headache inducing, and others were just plain annoying to look at. I’ll be reviewing some of these outfits and I’ll try to be as nice as I can be.

Nicole Kidman

Anyone who is vast in award shows history, knows that Nicole Kidman doesn’t come to play with her outfits. She is always one of those faces to look out for on the red carpet because she is known to deliver. However, in this Armani Prive dress, Nicole isn’t doing any delivery at all. The color of the dress is just wrong and it doesn’t do justice to her skin and makeup at all. And personally, I think the style is very basic for her. Also, what is that huge gathering on her shoulder? Its hideous.

Elisabeth Moss

In her defense, Elisabeth had no idea these things were so formal and proper. She was actually going out for drinks with the gals and then her manager called to tell her she would be attending the SAG awards and in two minutes, the limo would arrive to pick her up. Now we all know that two minutes isn’t enough to pull an epic red carpet look right? Elisabeth quickly thought to herself, I can’t go wrong in a classic Adam Selman LBD, and so she pulled it out of her closet to wear. That’s why she looks like she was stopping by the red carpet to take some photos, thereby not allowing her manager’s hard work to go waste, and then heading out to the club to party with people who’s names started with E.

Sally Hawkins

I kid you not, I literally got hypnotized by this dress. What was she thinking?! This dress looks totally ridiculous on the SAG awards red carpet. Did she have a plan to hypnotize the whole of Hollywood into some weird trance during the show? Her face literally says, “my dress has hypnotized you. Is it working?”. Y’all I can’t with that outfit. And then she paired it with cute red shoes and a red clutch as if that would make things any better. Bless her heart!

Maika Monroe

Am I the only one that sees that this girl wore an oversized tank top to an award show? Hayy Jesus ooh!! And to think that Valentino designed this! What plans did they (the designers) have for this gown exactly? Was this dress, a failed attempt at trying to break into the giant fashion world with colorful tank tops as trending pieces? Or perhaps the fault is from her? Maybe she wore it wrong. I hope like us, they too were appalled at the red carpet photos of their creation.

Molly Sims

The frills on this dress alone, can disturb the peace of the entire Atlantic ocean! Dear Molly, did you think of the nature of this event before you even wore this outfit? This outfit is what your stylist should bring to you for a Sunday-after-church-off-to-brunch look with the formidable ladies of Nashville. All that’s needed is a white wide brimmed hat and its perfect! Off to the country club.

Deon Cole

Lord have mercy! What in the name of checks and balances is he wearing? He should have just pulled something from the Black-ish costume department if he didn’t have anything to wear. Let’s get into the pants real quick, in what planet are those still being made?! Okay back then, the men of Hollywood (especially black men) considered it the height of fashion to wear really baggy and oversized pants on suits. Over the years, that trend died (thankfully) and men embraced properly fitted pants. Apparently Deon here must consider himself a custodian of men’s fashion and therefore takes every opportunity given to display his custodian rights. Sir, this is a mess! Get it together or lose it entirely!

Abbie Cornish

This dress looks like something they give a maiden who is about to be sacrificed to the sea god, to wear and then the black bows (or straps) are the things they secure the ropes used to bound her hands so she doesn’t escape by swimming out. I honestly can’t. Like I’ve looked at the dress, looked at the straps, looked at the sea, looked at the sea god… and I still can’t.

Magaret Colin

Oh the joys of wearing clothes that fit just right and complement the human body. This dress is ugly. I can’t even sugarcoat it. Someone look at how the top of her chest is so compressed!!! Madam Margaret, I hate to break it to you but squishing yourself into that dress, did not make the fashion world go blank with amazement or admiration. Rather, everyone is concerned about your chest area. I can imagine that when she took this dress off, the entire area was red! I’m not even going to talk about how the ugly see-through material and the iro and buba shimi (yes I said it!) she wore inside, don’t make sense. Fix it Lord!

Shakira Barrera

Let me say this to you sweet sister, if you are NOT Rihanna, don’t try to dress like Rihanna. I’m looking at this outfit and all that comes to mind is the fact that this one came to practice harlotry at the awards. And her boobs are not even harlot material so I strongly doubt she made any sales or profit that night. Akuna kuna oshi!! (Yes, that’s a mixture of Igbo and Yoruba which translates to Rubbish prostitute)

Dacre Montgomery

First of all, this is Hitler’s incarnate. I’m terribly sure of it. He looks like a Nazi general but that’s not why he’s on the list of worst dressed. His suit and pants are absolutely perfect but the choice of shoes, isn’t working at all. Also, I think this look would have been perfect if wore a turtleneck shirt beneath the suit instead of the unbuttoned shirt thing he has going on.

Rosanna Arquette

This is one of the worst red carpet looks I’ve seen in a while. And what makes it so bad, it is the fact that it had the potential to be fire. The hair is so wrong, and those boots!!!! Lord please don’t let this become a trend! Boots on a red carpet, why?? The dress isn’t exactly the best thing you can wear on the red carpet but it is averagely okay. If her hair was packed elegantly, in a chignon or something, and she wore strappy heels or hot pumps, she would have looked far better than this I’m-bringing-my-grandma-to-the-awards look she has going on.

So guys, what was your worst look at the SAG awards? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know. I’d also like to thank everyone who has taken out time to read my blog and comment, I appreciate you guys so much! Love always! ❀


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  1. Steven Chuks says:

    Love it! Chai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  2. Woody Lightyear says:

    This is too hilarious πŸ˜‚


    1. Hahaha, I tried to be nice


  3. AaronAhalu says:

    Elizabeth moss looked good… She just has that everlasting awkward nun face…

    And how dare u put Dacre on this list πŸ“ƒ?


    1. Lol, nun face. She does look good… for a night at the club. And Dacre knew what he was getting himself into


  4. Jeff says:

    Deon Cole is such an adorable man, tho. How could you do this to him? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    1. He is adorable yes. That outfit, no!πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Cavannaugh_s says:

    I literally rolled on the floor whilst laughing without air in my lungs.
    Soooo on point!


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