Review: My favorite looks from Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan fashion week 2018 showcase

Christian Combs

Ever since I started getting basic knowledge of designers and their brands, Dolce and Gabbana has been one of my favorite fashion brands. They have proved themselves over and over, layering success upon success with each collection release, runway show, look book and merchandize. Over the years, for both men and women, D&G have successfully created signature features for their clothes such that if you see the picture of an oufit without being told the designer, you would know it belonged to D&G. That was me a few days ago when I saw a picture of a model on the runway, with a crown and heavily bejeweled shoes and even before I read the caption, I knew it had to be D&G. The picture was one of the looks from their Milan fashion week showcase aptly named Kings angels. The collection was as breathtaking as ever with nothing short of what D&G is known for. From some models wearing crowns on heavily brocaded jackets, silk jacquard pants, velvet suits, to embroided sweatshirts and bejeweled shoes, the collection consisted of different looks spanning through eras of men’s fashion, with an ode to the ideal image of an english gentleman. So here are my favorite looks from the collection. (It was so hard picking these, cos I love the entire collection)


This red silk jacquard suit is totally the hottest thing I have seen so far. Usually red as a color, is kind of a no go area for men. Even the brave ones who have tried to be daring with it, have failed woefully. But this suit is literally assuring you that you can’t look a mess in it. It seems to say “I dare you to ignore me, I dare you to try”. I love the fact that a blue bow tie, though exaggerative, is used to create a sharp contrast. However, the major reason this look is so good is the choice of fabric. Silk jacquard is a luxurious fabric. You can’t wear anything made of silk jacquard and look bad. Except your village people have gotten your photograph hanging in their kitchen. So yes, the fabric helps give it that panache it exudes. Its a hit for me!


Class!!! That is exactly what this black velvet suit with embroided collars and pocket flaps scream. Now this exactly how to put velvet fabric to use. This is the perfect look for a gentleman. The color is perfect for the fabric and style of this outfit. Notice that the color of the embroidery is slightly different but not enough to distract you. You wear this to a dinner or a black tie event and trust me, you would stand out like the beginning of Kim Kardashian’s career in hollywood. I love the fact that the pants for this are also made of silk jacquard fabric. Luxury is what D&G is about and they don’t leave any stone unturned when driving home that point.


Mustard yellow is an amazingly rich color that is slept on by men! Those who know, know. This is one of the simplest looks in the collection, considering details and color palettes yet I find it very unique. The mustard yellow velvet jacket is tailored perfectly with the usual cuts. I love the use of a purple bow tie, thankfully not as exaggerated as the former, which gives the mustard yellow a slight contrast. This look reminds me of the costume for the movie, Kingsman secret service. This color of suit, is quite ideal for any man who wants to try out colors other than black for suits.


Because why not? This is the outfit you wear to host guests into your private library for a book – reading with the Duke of Edinburgh in attendance (lol). This look for me just gives old english vibes. The color choice for this outfit, is absolutely perfect. This shade of blue is soft and soothing yet gives off that masculine charm. I love the contrast created by the royal blue velvet suit worn inside. I feel like if another color was used, the oufit would be overwhelming. I like the Chinese frog button used for the suit and the use of the jacket fabric for the collar, pocket flaps and sleeve endings. The coat makes this outfit more glorious. You can never go wrong with a coat hanging from your shoulders and D&G know this very much. The fur trimmings on the coat are perfect and compliment the suit worn inside.


This belt on a suit trend rocked Lagos fashion and design week in 2016, and I wasn’t very keen on it. Maybe that was because many people got it wrong or it just wasn’t for them. Apparently, when done properly, it is an awesome fashion statement and D&G have discovered this too, as we can see with this piece. The use of the same fabric for suit and pant makes this outfit a hit. Same patterned suit and pants, are so underrated. The addition of color, black, in the collar, pocket flaps, sleeve endings and for the belt, creates a balance for the monochromatic situation of the outfit. And the shoes match too. Lol, I love it.


Can you we get into the color of this outfit real quick??? Because its just fantastic! That’s the major reason why I love this oufit so much. This oxblood colored suit is absolutely divine and dapper! It screams royalty, class, finesse, luxury and money all that the same time! I am LIVING for the monochromatic nature of this outfit. Notice the fact that there is no addition of color in this outfit, to create a contrast? Also, notice the edges of the pocket flaps and how well the fabric change compliments the collar. When I say D&G learn work finish ehn!


This look takes a break from the suited up looks of other outfits in the collection. This is a very casual look however, an average man might not pull this off as styled on the runway. This is look appeals more to men who are fashion lovers and are dedicated to fashion. I love how the oversized shirt is tucked smartly, into the fitted gold colored pants. The image of a cherub on the shirt, drives home the classy feeling this look has. Love love love!


This denim streetsyle outfit by D&G is so amazing! Yes everyone wears denim on denim but the signature D&G embellishments on both jacket and trouser makes this outfit anything but regular. On left leg of the trouser, it says “Paradiso” which is Italian for Paradise, cos baby when I’ve got on a freaking embellished denim jacket with cherubs, a fur collar and embellished trousers to go with, you best believe I’m in paradise, lol. I love the burgundy shirt worn under the jacket, it balances out all that blue from the denim.


I said it earlier that you can not go wrong with a coat hanging over your shoulders. Well, you can also not go wrong wearing a fabulous mustard yellow coat with flowery embroidery, on red pants and a casual t shirt. This look is purely street style and I am totally digging it. D&G employ the use of color blocking for this and the contrast is totally pleasant to look at. The embroidery on the jacket is the major spice that gives this look that world class sweetness that comes with slaying.


I am so here for this embroided hoodie matched with white pants. This look is absolutely divine. The embroided design on the hoodie reminds me of the designs of a renaissance catholic church. It is amazing to look at, imagine how you would feel wearing it. This all-white outfit is totally unique and very interesting. I’m not necessarily feeling the shoe color, I think it would have have been perfect as white. Nevertheless, I love it.


This entire outfit is giving me life! Look at that coat and the details on it!! I am so in love with this look. The street style vibes of this outfit are so powerful. Imagine this outfit on your favorite fashion idol, on the streets of New york or Lagos. Aaaaahhhhh! The purple silk jacquard pants hold its own with this outfit, but I am more particular about that coat. On its own, that coat is bound to make you the envy of anyone who knows a good thing and fashion lovers alike. Also, I’m totally digging the fringe trimmings.


Just Wow! Look at this outfit. I am totally in love with this outfit!!!! Some would say its dramatic or too flamboyant, but please keep that opinion in your pocket. This totally sequined black suit with flowers and cherubs is everything. Everything. Everything!!!!!!!


This look is so regal yet youthful! I’m obsessed with that sweatshirt for obvious reasons! The color, size and design just make it hard to hate. And let’s get into these gold sequined shorts guys! Its a hit! I wonder though, does this outfit come with the crown? Cause if I were to pull this look off, that crown would be very necessary.


The entirety of this outfit is quite impressive. The suit worn beneath is very dapper. It just buttress the fact that luxury might just be D&G’s motto for life. The fabric of the suit, was used to make a number of outfits for the collection so that is why it looks familiar. The major reason why this is a fave for me, is the coat. Lord have mercy! First of all, that coat has streetstyle vibes all over it, but being paired with this suit takes it to another level. Look at the sleeve of that coat!!! It is made out of jeans waistbands. That is so dope. It’s like wearing something made from the spoils of war or in this case the spoils of slaying fashion lovers. The body of the coat is made of furn and I love how different hues of blue are used to create a mixmatched effect.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you like these pieces as much as I do. What’s your favorite outfit in the collection? I’d love to know. Love always!



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  1. Sly says:

    My favorite look was 5,6,12. Reason it been it’s an outfit I could be caught wearing and all. But the rest are AL beautiful as well tho.



  2. Ma'am i says:

    “You would stand out like the beginning of Kim Kardashian’s career in hollywood”..thus got me😂. I love your nos 1 & 7.

    Excellent 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao. Ikr! Thank you mummy❤


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