Review: This Shit hole business

So recently, the president of america, Donald Trump, called Haiti and countries in Africa “shit holes” and of course, there has been massive reaction and outcries on social media about it. First of all Mr. Trump, its funny that statement can come from you seeing as you are the very essence and embodiment of shit itself. Without doubt, you are the very substance that shit is made of and in your existence can a vast amount of shit be found. I find this situation of calling countries shit holes, quite ironical yet amusing as it is a clear situation of pot calling kettle black, if I’m being fair.

Now, some Nigerians are pressed about the shit hole statement and I ask, why? Why are people pressed? If Nigeria was not a shit hole country, would Donald think of us when his shit filled brain thought of that statement? You see we have allowed the injury that is corruption, fester so long it is now rotten and has began to stink so bad that the attention of the world, has been drawn to our problems. To start with, isn’t it sad that a country as blessed as Nigeria, can’t boast of electricity for 24hours. 24 hours is a reach, so let’s say 12 hours non stop. Things are so bad that when people have constant electricity for more than 4 hours, they begin to prepare their minds and homes because when the power eventually goes out, that’s it for the next 3-4 weeks. It is a nation, we can’t boast of proper healthcare! People die daily as a result of the lack of proper facilities to treat them. We hear stories of how “mistakes” happen in hospitals causing the death of individuals simply because of little things that can be avoided. Most people are left with no choice but to go to private hospitals where they literally spend all of their life savings just because they want to live. Good roads and proper transportation systems seems like a fallacy in some states. We suffer all these only because the funds that are allocated to these projects, are embezzled and stolen by our so called leaders, thereby leaving the situation as it is. And this country is supposed to be the giant of Africa?! When we practically import everything?! Lol *laughs at shit hole leaders of Nigeria*

Corruption has eaten so deep into the system, it has almost (if not already) become a normal thing. The people at the top aren’t the only ones to blame, because you find out that even at the grassroot, corruption reigns supreme. Look at our society for instance where you must know someone. You have to know someone if you want to get a proper job. You have to know someone if you want to be attended to properly in a hospital. You have to know someone if you want to gain admission into the university and so on and so forth. I hope you realize that knowing these people includes the distribution of currency, preferably in the thousand denomination. Okay surely those implementing the law and protecting the nation, aren’t affected right? They aren’t corrupt and they are diligent in their jobs right? Lol. For where?! Na there corruption carry chair siddon! Those who are meant to protect the citizens have turned themselves in menaces, causing terror and grief to innocent families and citizens. Some have turned themselves to nuisances, always asking “Nothing for the boys?” and when there is nothing for the boys, you are then framed for peculiar offenses such as not having fire extinguisher machine in your car or the lack of road triangles in your vehicle. Lack of employment and job opportunities, have caused individuals to seek income in every way they can, whether legal or illegal. In Hollywood, Nigeria is the number one country of reference if someone is being duped online and we are perfectly fine with that. People do business and ask for services but when it is time to pay, they start proving difficult. What about churches? The sacred place of worship? *sips long island drink loudly* . All these things contribute in one way or the other. So I ask, why won’t that shit drop have the thought of mind, to say that countries in Africa are shit holes. The other time, he said Nigerians in diaspora should return to their huts in Nigeria. *laughs in Four points, Oriental and Intercontinental hotel*

There are so many things we are going through which we ought not to be experiencing in this day and age. And because of the wickedness of some people who have (or had) been voted into positions of power and those who have decided to be terrible humans, we are stuck with these problems. So Donald your shitty excellency, no, Nigeria is definitely not a shit hole but these people, your cousins, are the shit holes. Maybe you recognized them via your shit radar, and then you had the thought that they had somehow managed to infect the rest of us with it, but I tell you this, that’s a lie. People, we have to be better Nigerians, we have to do better and strive to make this country better. The transformation starts from somewhere, it starts from you and I. But I’m sure you already know this.

Sound off your thoughts on this shit hole business in the comments section, I’d love to know what you think. Love always ❤


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  1. Jeff says:

    He literally has a shit-toned skin tho. 😅😅 I mean, how’s a man so orange?


  2. Mabo Duke says:

    😂😂 You never seize to express yourself and as usual you always do a phenomenal job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Mabo❤


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