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I have been in a serious battle with myself over my lack of writing. You know its so easy to blame the hiatus on writer’s block and all that crap, but I refuse to think that way. Blaming my lack of drive to write isn’t going to justify anything so why bother? However, one thing I have realized now is to follow my instincts and just go with the flow. Like how I am doing right now. This write up doesn’t have a topic, like my previous posts… I’m literally freestyling with my brain and my thumbs so whatever comes into my head while I’m writing, is what you are reading. Am I the only one that feels like the generation of true readers is phasing out? Like, people who would sit down and read stuff just because they can and they want to. Not everyone reads these days, and that’s a shame. I’m talking like as if I am a strong reader myself but you see I also joined the non-literal crowd (yes, I’m judging) a while back and well, I’m out now so yaay? But you see, it is so easy for anyone in these times to stop the practicing the reading culture. There are so many factors that aid that and except you make a firm resolve and stay grounded, you can get off the wagon. I started reading since as far back as I can remember. Newspapers (the kids section though), magazines and even the bible. My mum would buy various editions of Enid Blyton books, Archie comics amongst others for me and my sisters. I remember how that affected me when I got into secondary school. I read any and everything but the books I was supposed to read. It was trouble for me because my maths, french and yoruba secondary school teachers did not entertain me reading novels during their periods where I was supposed to be paying attention. Because of that, I was reported to my guardian who then reported me to my parents. Can you see how that started pushing me off the literal track? It wasn’t enough though. I still kept on reading and reading and reading. When I got to senior secondary school, as you would expect, my favorite subject was Literature. I realized with joy, that I had read all the literature texts meant for the academic term, during my leisure time, and thanks to a very imaginative mind, I understood all the plots, settings and themes of those books. Books like A woman in her prime (I’ve forgotten the author), Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie, were amongst these books and plays like Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw and Women of Osu by Femi Osofisan. As expected thanks to my foreknowledge of the prescribed texts, I became the literature teacher’s favorite. Each time she asked a general question, and no one could answer, she would call out my name, as if saying please help these delinquents. Of course, I would answer the question with ease and as much pride as anyone can muster. That was probably the pride of reading at full display. Thinking about it now, I have read so many books in this my life sha. The Harry Potter series, The Joys of Motherhood, The Twilight series, The Percy Jackson series, The Heroes of Olympus series, The devil wears Prada (I’ve read this one a million times and I wish I was lying about that), The Secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives and a plethora of romance novels (all those ones that the covers look like ancient paintings) just to name a few. I have made a resolve to read as much books as I can lay my hands on this year. Personally, I love reading fiction. I love mythical and fantasy themed books, I also love good crime books, religious books and political books. Reading is power. It helps you relax, exercises your brain and empowers you with knowledge. The pen is mightier than the sword, argue with your local dstv dealership.

I just realized my brain picked the issue of reading as a topic to write on. Lol… awesome. Feel free to comment guys. As always, love!❤


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  1. Ma'am i says:

    The best piece so far👍keep perfecting, best wishes ❤


  2. Jeff says:

    Very well, done. 👏Keep it coming


    1. Thank you so much Jeff🙏🏽


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