Review: Heineken Lagos fashion and Design Week, Day 1

Hey guys! I hope y’all are good? I was particularly excited to write this review because it is about something I love very much. The Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week (Lfdw) was recently held at the Eko Atlantic. It started on the 25th of October and ended on the 28th. It is an annual fashion event which lasts for four days. This year, Lfdw moved from its regular venue, Federal Palace Hotel, to Eko Atlantic and personally, I loved the change. Please know, this review isn’t about the designs displayed on the runway, it is about the show in general. So, let’s get “talking” shall we?

The theme for this year’s fashion week was Africa shaping fashion’s future, and it was aptly themed. Africa has become one of the hotspots for major fashion brands to tap inspiration, resources and even fabrics! (Side eye to Stella McCartney). The line up of designers was totally promising with notable names such as Ejiro Amos Tafari, Lisa Folawiyo, Iconic Invanity, Tokyo James, Sisiano, Mai Atafo, Maki Oh, Tsemaye Binite, IamIsigo, Bridget Awosika just to name a few. I got to the venue quite late missing the street style period. The street style period isn’t actually on the time table for fashion week, but everyone knows this is the time to get good street style pictures that can make you look like a style blogger or influencer on the streets of New York or Paris. If not, you can just upgrade your Instagram with the amazing pictures you’d get. And of course, you only get photographed if you are really decked out in amazing and catchy outfits Either that, or you know a photog personally (Hi Iju & Lasalvy!!) who would pity you and take pictures.


how I felt writing this post. (shot by njc works)
Let me just tell you, people did not come to play at this year’s edition of fashion week. Just on the first day, everyone came to snatch edges and wigs! Both the good, the bad, the ugly and the ratchet. From flowing gowns and skirts, to blouses and shirt dresses of all kinds, the ladies were decked hunny! And the men!!!! You know how most of fashions darlings are men, and they came out to fight for the relevancy of that title! From shorts, to palazzo pants, shirts of different varieties and of course, the conventional suit outfit. My look for day 1 was inspired by pure street style material. I donned a stripped polo t-shirt, grey pants, Adidas superstar sneakers and a fanny pack. The inspiration to rock a fanny pack, was gotten from Ian Audiffren (Tzar studios). He rocks a fanny pack and makes it look so cool, I said to myself “I’m definitely rocking a fanny pack for fashion week). My darling friend, Iju Asonibe, was there to cover photography for me and despite not having adequate lighting, she produced such amazing pictures. Fam, she is so talented and I’m so glad and proud that I know her and can call her my friend._DSC0482


shot by njc works

The atmosphere for fashion week was all together friendly, I reconnected with old friends that I had lost vibes with (Hey Opara boy). Everyone, like their outfits, were on their best behaviours. Air kisses, hugs and fake accents went through the air like smoke from a blunt. While waiting for the show to start, I chilled in the marquee where the business classes held during the day with members of my fashion squad. I decided to try heineken beer and true to my words, it tasted horrible (few days later at the after party, I found out that very cold heineken wasn’t that bad after all). we eventually got into the hall and Morafa opened the show. it was spectacular. his pieces were opening-fashion-week worthy. I didn’t expect anything less to be honest. this was Lfdw, no time for slip ups. before the Ugo Monye showcase, I stepped out to get a drink (not heineken), and that was a good thing because one of the light bulbs on the runway, erupted in sparks. I heard everyone tried to scramble out of the hall in panic. I was sad I missed that sight but very glad I wasn’t inside at the moment because I would have panicked too. The engineers were reported to have immediately taken control of the situation and thankfully, no one was hurt.


Iju and I love selfies


The models this year brought their A game yo!!! from skin, to hair and of course, their strut! Don’t get it twisted, there were still some really ponderable models who just didn’t cut it. A few of them, mostly male, couldn’t walk to save their lives. It was really bad and they made the clothes look horrible. a few noticeable faces, who are legends (hey Uju Marshal), graced the runway and reminded us why they are the legends that they are. One of the models, while walking for Style Temple , suffered a nip slip and she was so professional about it. She continued down the runway without covering her exposed boob and this roused a loud round of applause from the audience. Kinabuti brought the ever energetic Denrele out for their showcase and he spiced the show up in a way only he, is capable of. It was really exciting to see him commanding the attention of everyone in the room.


models doing a final walk for Omilua

Style temple however, stole the show for me, and I’m not referring to the nip slip. Her collection was mind blowing and is definitely worth talking about. The collection saw the use of various fabrics, from lace to organza, cut in feminine yet bold styles. Suits, dresses, jumpsuits and girly skirts. I could not help but notice the detail of the design of the Hausa cap, on some of her pieces. However, her final piece was a breath taker! It was a midriff gown which was extended outwardly, with the bodice richly embellished with stones and all things shining. The model who wore the piece, Aduke Bey, literally killed it with the dress. She looked like a black barbie doll.


Titi Belo

Titi Belo
Titi Belo
Titi Belo
Titi Belo
Aduke Bey wearing the final piece for Titi Belo

The show ended with a brilliant showcase from Ejiro Amos Tafiri, and on stepping out of the marquee ready to go home, Kosi Okafor (Cece line) and I got interviewed by a total stranger. We talked to the camera about fashion week and its significance in Africa. A few days later, we saw that video on lfdw’s Instagram page and I found out that we had been interviewed by AFP (Agence France-Presse), an international news agency headquartered in Paris, France. I felt really honoured and lucky. Head over to my Instagram page to view it.

Thanks so much for reading guys! Let me know your thoughts. Also, were you at Lfdw2017 and do you have your top fashion week moments? Feel free to share them with me in the comments. I’ll be expecting, Love you!!!

Images:, NJC works, My phone camera.


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  1. Maàmi says:

    You literally just took us to the event venue, so captivating and the Titi Belo designs are so chic…. well done 👏


  2. Fola Francis says:

    You’re a good writer. This piece made me laugh, I enjoyed it. ❤️


  3. aboynamedDesmond says:

    Loves the recap. Makes me wish I attended.😞


    1. aww, thats why I’m here to dish out the details. lol


  4. Hope says:

    Very engaging piece


  5. Nathan says:

    You review style is so fun 😹 Can’t wait for day 2


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