Review: Gareth Pugh ss 2018 collection

Hey guys. So I am delving into my fashion roots today, to talk about a collection that captures so beautifully, two things that inspire me the most, Fashion and Art. The designer, Gareth Pugh, is known for his bold and unconventional designs and to debut this collection, instead of having a runway show, Gareth had a film show titled Pièce du cinéma.

I came across images from the collection on twitter but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I loved it, but I didn’t want to know more about it. When I saw other images from the collection on Instagram, then I became really interested and headed out to Vogue’s website to find the talented designer. This collection sees the use of non-wearable items (except you’re Lady Gaga) such as plastic and iron, being used to display architectural designs and structures in the form of dresses. There are also a few pieces that wearable materials, such as crepe, thick chiffon, shiny polyester, are used to sow. The aesthetics of the dresses might be appealing to fashion lovers around the globe but I personally, feel more inclined to it because of the elements of art in it.

These pieces are so cool that they should be displayed in a museum, probably the Met museum or some other place. Something about this collection, gives off Medieval period vibes. Like imagine seeing this collection in a museum or an art gallery, it would be absolutely fascinating. I shared some of the images from the collection on my social media, and a few people responded with “Horrible dresses” “Can you allow your wife wear this?” “This is so stupid” etc… Its not my fault if they aren’t educated or exposed enough to understand the aesthetics of the collection. Don’t worry, I’ll say a prayer for them.

Below are a few of my best-est pieces from the collection. Enjoy!

And that’s it! I hope you also love the collection as much as I do. Let me know what you think about the situation of Art & Fashion merging, and your favorite piece from Gareth Pugh’s collection, in the comments! Thanks guys!


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  1. Lny says:

    Fashion and art in deep collaboration

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  2. Lny says:

    Fav is the black dress in flames


  3. Maàmi says:

    The designs are quite fascinating, like you said, you must love art to appreciate these designs; I’m in love with the fire on black designs❤, the red suit also is very sharp👍. GOOD JOB & Well done RB


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