Review: My danfo bus experience on Third mainland bridge.

Hey guys. Its been a very long while since I updated this blog. I honestly can’t state the reasons for my long absence, but I’m grateful to be back and writing again. I decided to break the hard ground of no posts so far, by reviewing (for starters) an experience I had in July, on the third mainland bridge, Lagos.
The reason for this experience was, my boss had asked me to come to work super early because we were going to have a long day ahead. I was to go to work on Wednesday so Tuesday night by 10:30, I was ready to go to bed. Now with me being a night crawler, it was very unnatural for my body but I forced that sleep to come. By 5am Wednesday morning, I was up. I stayed on my phone till six and then went to have my bath. The whole process of dressing up for me takes about thirty minutes to an hour, because when I dress up, its not just about putting on clothes, its about generally create a positive mood while wearing clothes (especially when I know I’m about to slay with the outfit!) but on this day, I sped it up and was ready within five minutes. I made final checks for my essentials and then headed out by 6:50am, praise God!

I boarded a bus to Yaba, and as soon as I got to Yaba, I got into another bus going to Obalende bus stop. I was like the third passenger inside the bus and the number of passengers, wasn’t increasing. I thought to myself “you’re already on your way to being early. Don’t let this bus fuck it up”. So I came down and got into another bus also going to Obalende. This time, I was the second to the last person to get in and very quickly, the last person got in! “Driver move this thing na” I thought to myself as the driver was busy chatting with another driver in another bus, not realizing his bus was full. We set out with little or no traffic and soon enough, got to Adekunle bus stop. Now, anytime I’m going to the island from Yaba and I get to Adekunle bus stop, I always get happy because we’re climbing the bridge. I like to think “ah yes, we’re starting the real journey now”. So we got to Adekunle bus stop and I was so relaxed and happy (as usual). The time was like 7:15 now and I calculated that with traffic, I’ll probably get to Obalende by 7:50 but without traffic, I’ll get there by 7:40. All was well and everything seemed fine. Or so I thought.
There was no traffic, so the driver was moving at a fast but moderate pace. I was looking out from the window, at the water, cars moving and just taking in everything when I heard Kpaaawwwu! Please God, what was that? Apparently, the rear tyre of the bus had burst. Mo gbe! On third mainland bridge? Today of all days? I started praying. Had my enemies finally gotten me? Was this as a result of all the bad things I had done in the days past? And trust Nigerians to make a bad situation worse. The other passengers in the bus started insulting the driver and his conductor. “Why you no go get spare tyre for back na?” “This tyre wey burst sef don old na, you no see am?” And all sorts of questions were being thrown at the poor man. The conductor begged us to come down so they could try and salvage the situation. When we got down, I noticed that from where we stood, we could see the Redeemed Christian Church of God headquarters building, the one at Ebute Meta. I couldn’t help but remember the man who was reported to have parked his car and jump over the bridge. I looked into the waters below me and thought of how he would survive in the light brown water. I started thinking of how I can’t swim and suddenly stopped myself before my enemies would enter phase 2 of their attack and suggest to me, to jump into the water. I left the railings of the bridge, to stand with my fellow stranded passengers on the road. While standing, I saw a few cars slow down to access the situation but not one stopped to help by picking up any of us, the stranded ones. I couldn’t blame them, in this time and age, one wouldn’t be encouraged to help strangers just like that. The buses coming to the island also, were already full so they couldn’t take passengers. All in all, we stood on third mainland bridge for over thirty minutes, basking in unwanted vitamin D. I was getting very agitated because I was running late. “Today of all days, today that I was asked to be super early! And that’s when the bus tyre decides to burst! Maybe if I had stayed in the first bus I entered, I won’t be in this dilemma.” I thought painfully to myself.
Luckily for us, the bus conductor suggested to the driver that they should move to Obalende so that they could fix the tyre. Slowly, but surely, we moved at the slowest rate possible, the driver in fear of causing damage to the already damaged bus. By the time we got to Obalende, it was some minutes past eight. The speed with which I alighted the bus, made even me, wonder where I got it from. I immediately entered another bus (sighs) going to Lekki and as I entered, I prayed to God that no calamity whatsoever would befall this one.

So that’s my experience on the third mainland bridge! I hope you enjoyed my narrative? Don’t be shy and feel free to drop a comment! Thanks!!!
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Meka says:

    It’s happens to me before luckily I wasn’t in a hurry, one girl injured at the back tho and we found another bus, thank God nothing bad happened to you


    1. Wow. Yes I was grateful for that fact.


  2. Uchenna says:

    Hey…, Nice
    so did you arrived late when you got there?


    1. Yes I did, but thankfully it was just by a few minutes.


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